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Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie, P.C., has vast experience in all areas of maritime practice involving commercial and recreational craft, terminal facilities and marinas. Its litigation practice includes representation of commercial vessel owners and terminal operators in cases involving collision, allision, personal injury and death claims, cargo (including freights and demurrage), salvage, hull and longshore claims.

Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie attorneys actively practice maritime law in the state and federal courts in Pennsylvania and the federal courts in Ohio and West Virginia. Through their thorough knowledge of maritime law and aggressive and innovative litigation skills, Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie attorneys have served as lead counsel in numerous multi-party, multi-million dollar maritime actions with very successful results for the firm’s clients. In addition to its extensive representation of commercial terminal and shipping interests, Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie has significant experience in representing recreational vessel owners and insurance carriers and both public and private marinas in claims involving damage to craft and marina property.

Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie attorneys have also successfully represented terminal operators and towing companies in obtaining operating permits from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and have assisted various maritime facilities in preparing Waterfront Facilities Guides which are now required as a pre-requisite to obtaining a permit to operate a river terminal facility. The firm’s attorneys have represented numerous towing and terminal facilities in managing both the commercial and legal consequences of oil spills, including representation in Coast Guard and other agency penalty proceedings.

As a result of the positive relationship that Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie attorneys have developed with the state and federal environmental agencies and early and decisive intervention following environmental incidents, the firm has been instrumental in saving its clients thousands of dollars in monetary and operational penalties.

Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie has substantial experience representing private entities and insurance carriers in a variety of maritime insurance disputes. One of the firm’s attorneys is frequently consulted by insurance carriers, insurance brokers and other attorneys with respect to interpretation and application of the complex provisions of hull, P&I , and cargo policies.