Diverse Experience – Trusted Counsel


At Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie, P.C., we have diverse capabilities in the corporate and business law areas and handle the following and more:

  • Advice regarding the benefits and detriments of operating through various business entity forms, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability corporation (LLC) and professional corporation (PC) and the services necessary to create the form best suited for the individuals and mission of the business
  • Reorganizations, affiliations, joint venture mergers and acquisitions of small to medium-sized business entities
  • Intellectual property (IP) issues with an emphasis on confidentiality, trade secret, noncompetition, and nonsolicitation agreements
  • Corporate governance matters
  • Services for corporate executives, including executive compensation, the changing of control arrangements, golden parachute agreements and estate planning
  • Environmental services, including compliance advice and assistance with federal, state and local regulatory obligations and litigation and enforcement management and defense
  • Corporate governance, including services such as the counseling of boards and special committees; the design and implementation of corporate policies, voting and proxy matters; and selected services in the area of takeovers
  • For small and medium-sized business entities, federal and state tax matters and personal tax services
  • Nonprofit services, including tax-exempt financing, the acquisition and maintenance of tax-exempt status, a myriad of counseling services regarding fiduciary obligations and issues related to fundraising
  • Labor and employee benefit services, including creating and maintaining benefit plans; Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) compliance; independent contractor issues; all human resources (HR) counseling and litigation issues; liability prevention and litigation; and defense, insurance, and federal and state compliance issues