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Litigation And Trial Practice

Litigation is the cornerstone of our practice at Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie, P.C. Our litigation and trial practice includes complex, multiparty cases as well as less complicated disputes. Many of the cases we have handled have involved issues on the frontier of emerging law. We have built our reputation on our commitment to astute legal analysis thorough case preparation and aggressive trial skills.

Our long-standing representation of parties involved in litigation has focused on our clients’ two major concerns: namely, the quality of services rendered and the cost of those services.

We are committed to an approach to litigation in which cases are supervised and tried only by experienced litigators. Our trial lawyers have the background and training to analyze difficult issues, sort through complicated facts and then communicate all the key points in an understandable and persuasive fashion to the trier of fact.

Our goal is to achieve the maximum advantage for our clients in court while at the same time avoiding unnecessary expenses. Cases are analyzed and evaluated at an early stage in the litigation so as to afford our clients the opportunity to identify cases that are appropriate for early disposition or settlement, thereby avoiding unwarranted or unnecessary legal costs. We direct litigation activities toward efficiency while at the same time thoroughly performing each task necessary to afford complete readiness for trial. Consistent with good practice, our paralegals perform services for which they are qualified so as to contain client costs.

Our attorneys try cases. Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie has gained a reputation as an aggressive and highly successful trial firm through our dedication to thorough preparation and our willingness to try cases when indicated. Our clients recognize that even cases that are appropriate for settlement can be more advantageously concluded when opponents are aware that opposing counsel is thoroughly prepared, willing and able to try cases.

We are familiar and comply with client litigation guidelines and procedures. We work cooperatively with our clients to maintain fair and reasonable fees.

In some situations, litigation is not the best way to resolve a dispute. Alternatives, such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration and minitrials may be superior for cost, public relations or morale reasons. At Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie, we are experienced in determining when ADR is appropriate for a particular dispute or as a company-wide policy. We can evaluate the myriad of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options and identify the device best suited to an employer’s needs.