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Asbestos Litigation

At Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie, P.C., we began defending toxic tort cases for various manufacturers in 1979. Since then, we have developed a statewide and national reputation for our aggressive and successful representation of clients in asbestos litigation.

Our attorneys are extremely experienced in handling cases involving difficult medical issues, substantial injuries and the potential for huge verdicts. Our cost-effective and well-organized pretrial administration has enabled us to efficiently manage thousands of cases simultaneously.

Our attorneys’ aggressive, innovative and thorough courtroom skills have resulted in successful verdicts across the country. In a one-year period, our firm was involved in 64 trials involving a total of 197 plaintiffs in courtrooms in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Iowa, Wisconsin and Texas.

Many of these trials resulted in defense verdicts for our clients, and in those cases where there were verdicts for the plaintiffs, the amounts were usually less than what other defendants had paid in settlement. In a number of trials, plaintiffs accepted our clients’ modest settlement offers in order to focus their attention on clients represented by less-effective counsel.

Our asbestos lawyers at Thomson, Rhodes & Cowie have participated on national trial teams as lead lawyers, assuming responsibility for trials in diverse jurisdictions, frequently with little advance notice.